walking….(6 hours) after midnight


If you know me, you know that I walk. Funny that when we moved to Ainslie 15 years ago, we didn’t even notice really how close we were to Mt Ainslie. I think in many respects it’s been a bit of a saviour – both walking and Mt Ainslie (and Mt Majura and surrounds).

alarm – 6am ( 15 mins later in winter)

  • get up – don’t think at all through the next steps
  • dress – trackies, fleece, beanie and gloves if it looks below zero
  • headlight in winter as it’s dark for the first 30 mins or so
  • get the dogs – Memphis and Edie
  • head out
  • begin thinking now – or later if you like – sleeping while walking is perfectly acceptable.

I walk with Carl three mornings a week, and with a friend the other two week day mornings. I go for some type of walk most weekends, but not at this early hour.

Why do I walk?

  • dogs –  they just love the chance to exercise, catch up  with the other dogs…
  • social –  sometimes I walk in silence – OK not very often- but it’s a chance to reflect, think, windup or wind down. Sometimes in a busy day it’s the only time I really connect and talk alone with Carl.
  • physical – 10,000 steps. Get your body moving, moving… we really do live pretty sedentary lives. I cannot possibly get near 10,000 steps a day if I don’t do a walk of some sort. Try using a pedometer for a couple of days just to see how many steps you do.
  • and this – just the most beautiful experiences, views, vistas….
Sunrise over ridge - August 2008

Sunrise over ridge - August 2008

Sunrise on ridge on Mt Ainslie - August 2008

Sunrise on ridge on Mt Ainslie - August 2008

more on walking later…I haven’t finished.


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