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Big and little news this week. On a global level you’d have to say that the US (make that world) economic crisis is worrying, and in Australia for some reason the feral pig that was terrorising a woman in country NSW sure got a lot of press (as I said slow news…see ABC story and Brisbane Times “pony-sized […]

I’ll start by saying that I have no answers. I really am both a hopeless romantic and a hopeless nostalgic. There will be more photos of the kids on this post – this time from ten years ago. Carl has, in the past year, digitised a whole bunch of our photos – (although not all of […]

Stories about a rubbish pile floating around the Pacific have been around for a little while. This story from the Independent from February this year, and this story about the island of rubbish, a ‘plastic soup’ being bigger than the US in size. Pretty scary to think that there is this floating mass of rubbish just out […]

Isabel loves changing the desktop on the home computer and has this photo up at the moment. And of course that got me thinking and searching for photos of our day at Kangaroo Valley Fruit World. What’s it all about? There used to be a place in Kangaroo Valley – called Kangaroo Valley Fruit World. We […]

If you know me, you know that I walk. Funny that when we moved to Ainslie 15 years ago, we didn’t even notice really how close we were to Mt Ainslie. I think in many respects it’s been a bit of a saviour – both walking and Mt Ainslie (and Mt Majura and surrounds). alarm – […]