serendipity and dogs

Jack -first day of kindergarten, Isabel & Daisy, 1999

Jack -first day of kindergarten, Isabel & Daisy, 1999

I love words – and yeah- I know I’m not alone there. My parents have always been great readers and writers, and my daughter has this wonderful vocabulary that astounded us when she was very small. She would (and still does) use great, bold words in an appropriate yet beautiful way.

Anyway- back to words. Favourites at the moment – serendipity, mellifluous, querulous and bucolic

serendipity – a word coined by Horace Walpole, who said upon the title of the fairy-tale ‘The three Princes of Serendip’, the heroes of which were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of’ or ‘making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident’ (OED). 

I love the word, because I love moments of serendipity. For example, all of our dogs have come through serendipitous means…
Daisy- our much travelled dog from Western Samoa – gifted to us from Carls’ sister who went off on an overseas posting. Daisy died a few years ago and was THE best dog ever. All our other dogs aspire to be like Daisy – patient, gentle, slightly worried looking at times, a true part of our family.
Memphis – we went out to look at Alice- an abandoned greyhound -found through ARF (ACT Rescue and Foster)- and found instead a recently dumped dog called Memphis who we fell in love with…
Edie – an kelpie cross from the RSPCA. OK- not so much serendipitous, I knew when Carl and mS12 went to the RSPCA that they would come back with a dog…

mellifluous – flowing with, exuding, or containing honey or a honey-like substance, or words- sweet, honeyed; pleasant-sounding, flowing, musical, or of a speaker, writer – sweet-sounding; fluent; smoothly eloquent, charmingly persuasive. Thanks Dad- you introduced that word to me mellifluous (and I use it when I can!)

querulous – complaining, peevish, whiny. But that’s what the word sounds like right?

bucolic– how did that come to mean pastoral, rural, rustic, be associated with country ? From the Greek apparently boukolos meaning cowherd.

Actually what I think I like best about words are meaning, association, sound. I like the stories, the narratives behind certain words. And that’s probably why I am so bad at scrabble. I look at the tiles and want to create beautiful words, but not words to fit into the spaces with the tiles I have.

I love the word serendipity, because I like …. no I love, serendipitous moments.

Daisy dog, 2001

Daisy dog, 2001



2 Responses to “serendipity and dogs”

  1. 1 Carl

    It is nice to know what you are thinking under that cool exterior.

  2. 2 Alison

    Great candid pic of the kids with Daisy – one to be blown up for the wall.

    You’ll have to run me through on the pronunciation of some of those words!

    Despite being upstairs, it’s noticeable when you’re not in the office. I hope Melbourne was fun.

    See ya!

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