Audrey Niffenegger and Booker


I read Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger a few years back. Loved the book and the whole premise of time travelling (and the fact that Henry is a librarian!). I thought it was a great love story. I’m also looking forward to the film that hopefully will come out later this year – starring Eric Bana (hey and Brad Pitt is one of the producers).

Time Traveler's Wife book cover

Time Traveler

I also saw Audrey Niffeneger on ABC around the same time I read Time Traveller’s Wife (a very memorable looking woman – white makeup and red, red lipstick and red hair I do remember and a very considered? manner), and knew that she was involved with drawing and print making as well as writing.

Well she has done a couple of graphic novels – and The Guardian are releasing a section a week of her latest graphic novel – The Bookmobile …. ‘It was sitting at the corner of Ravenswood and Belle Plaine. I didn’t know it was the Night Bookmobile, of course. It was an enormous, battered Winnebago’. I’m not crazy about the graphics (not the people anyway) but I’m going to keep reading it – and it’s about books, people, yearning? – things I love.

And the Booker prize list for 2008 was announced (OK- in late July- but I am only looking now)

Aravind Adiga              The White Tiger                                 
Gaynor Arnold             Girl in a Blue Dress                           
Sebastian Barry           The Secret Scripture                         
John Berger                 From A to X                                        
Michelle de Kretser      The Lost Dog                                     
Amitav Ghosh              Sea of Poppies                                  
Linda Grant                 The Clothes on Their Backs             
Mohammed Hanif         A Case of Exploding Mangoes         
Philip Hensher             The Northern Clemency                    
Joseph O’Neill              Netherland                                        
Salman Rushdie          The Enchantress of Florence           
Tom Rob Smith            Child 44                          
Steve Toltz                   A Fraction of the Whole

I haven’t read any of these books- but some of them look great and I’m pleased that there are some Indian authors/stories on the list.

The Booker Prize will be announced on 9 September.

So many books to read, so little time…



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