One night a month- bookgroup!


I was asked to join my bookgroup almost five years ago. Apparently bookgroups are particularly popular in Canberra…is it the long, cold winter nights?

I have to say that my bookgroup- which doesn’t really have a name- just ‘bookgroup’ – is just a most wonderful ‘thing’.

who are we: on paper our vocations are –  English teacher, hairdresser, midwife, solicitor now SOSE teacher, journalist now Govt public affairs advisor, town planner, social worker x 2, community worker and librarian – all super smart women – fun and funny too! I love the way we are all different, yet come together. And we are obviously more than just our paid work *labels*

the rules: the main rule is “come even if you don’t finish the book” – in fact it’s probably more important that you DO come even if you haven’t even opened the book- chances are you need a night out. We are a group of ten women so we all pick a book a year, take a break in January, and go out in December for an end of year celebration. When it’s your ‘month’ the gals descend on your place & the previous month’s gal brings food (and if the food relates to the current book in some way that’s great).

I don’t think there are any other rules.

what have we read? (forgive the linking, I have just linked to the less common titles and ones that you might be interested in more details, reviews etc). The list is in alpha order by title.

Ballad of the sad cafe, Beloved,  Brick lane, The brush-off,  Carry me down,  Confessions of a she-devil, The Corrections, The da vinci code, Down and out in Paris and London, The earth, Four letters of love,  Geography, The handmaid’s tale, Highways to war, In cold blood, Influence (play), Joe Cinque’s consolation, The Kite Runner, Lily Brett short stories, The line of beauty, Middlesex, Never let you go (first chapter), Out stealing horses, Reading Lolita in Tehran, The red tent, The time traveller’s wife, Saturday, Theft, To kill a mockingbird, The turning, Virgin suicides, The Zookeeper’s war

Bookgroup gals- I know I have missed some ….so you’ll have to help me out here. I confess that I can’t even remember all of my choices.

The other thing I love about this group is the fecundity of it – by my count we have 29 children between us!, and there have been 8 babies born just in the last 5 years?

so much more to say, but I’ll stop there for the moment!


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