Friday evenings


I love Friday evenings.

We’re all so busy during the week- and I try very hard not to do a whole lot on Friday evenings. It doesn’t always happen, but this is my favourite way to spend a Friday evening.

Get home and have a pot of tea with Carl. Do the usual debrief and wind-down of the day and work-week.

Think about dinner. We often, but not always, eat out or grab takeaway on Fridays. After all- we have managed, mostly to get through the week and eat some reasonable meals.

I want to mention at this stage our week day cooking roster. Sounds formal but Carl and I have realised that the only way we can both hold down full-time jobs and parent two children and lead *normal* lives is by applying some order to the jumble (and it takes the pressure of us cooking every night).

Monday – K cooks, I (12 year girl) makes lunches

Tuesday – I cooks, K makes lunches

Wednesday – J (15 year boy) cooks, C makes lunches

Thursday – C cooks, J makes lunches

Friday – whoever offers to make lunch – ha ha

The rules with cooking with the kids are simple- you make what you want and get as much or as little support and help as you need -the main thing is that you take responsibility for the meal. We have been doing this now for about a year. It mostly works – the kids are learning how to cook, and you might have noticed that after Tuesday morning- I have NO cooking or lunch responsibilities until at least the end of the week- woo hoo (Friday we often eat out or get take-away, Saturday is C cooking home-made pizza [from scratch] and Sunday I usually cook something slow or a little fiddly as I am relaxed (!) enough to have the time…)

Note- this is obviously a *perfect* week – and that’s how it goes on paper. There are lots of variations to this as you can well imagine, and like the best plans, well they do go astray – but the general, basic idea is there…

…anyway back to Friday evenings….

Food decided and then procured (with a nice bottle of red) we try (and again this is my *perfect* bit coming out again) and sit down together and watch a movie. C and I have both seen a lot of movies and we are both keen that the kids get to see the classics. By the classics I don’t necessarily mean Ben Hur, but it’s nice to have a reference, know what The Simpsons are talking about when they are taking off a movie, that type of thing.

So what have we watched? Getting through some Stanley Kubrick, Coen Brothers and Quentin Tarantino.

Tonight it was a bit of a mix- Shaolin Soccer – kung fu meets soccer, and then Spooks!


The dogs Edie (black) and Memphis (tan) love sharing the cooking experience

The dogs Edie (black) and Memphis (tan) love sharing the cooking experience

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