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this week

– Saw a fun film Happy-Go-Lucky– Mike Leigh a British filmmaker normally writes and directs fairly depressing, if realistic, dark films. He has apparently done this film because he thinks everyone is too serious these days. Polly was happy, too happy for me really – but it was great just to laugh and not think big issues. And there are people like the Scott, the driving instructor everywhere…(you’ll have to see it to know).

– Saw a brilliant play – Year of Magical Thinking– I didn’t know anything about Joan Didion (except her name) until I saw this play last night. A one-woman play starring Robin Nevin- The year of Magical Thinking is Joan Didion talking about her year when her husband and her only child died. I was worried that I would find it depressing and sad. It was incredibly sad, but so beautifully written and acted and expressed – it was really quite stunning. My heart was jumping towards the end.

But something strange happened in the middle of the play…. a voice piped up somewhere in the middle of the audience “excuse me- someone has collapsed here – I think we need to stop – we need to call an ambulance”. All very calm and quiet, the house lights came on, Robin Nevin said “do I need to stop?, I’m going to stop”, people got up out of their seats, doors opened, people made phone calls – but all very quiet and ordered, no rush, hysteria, quite odd really. Very understated, an almost British reaction to it all. We had B row seats, right at the front and I couldn’t see much, just people standing about. In my mind an old man had collapsed, a heart attack, something critical… Then an usher came in with a glass of water, I saw a couple of people help a young man to his feet, he had a drink of water, and that was it.

Of course we had to stop & Robin Nevin came back on stage, talked for a moment and then apologised – she would have to repeat some of the play, take it back to a more natural break and then start again. I didn’t mind one bit. Just all weird – watching a play about death and sadness and coping with grief and then experiencing something potentially life-threatening…

– 15 year old son started his first job- at Target. He has just returned in fact from his first four hours orientation – OH & S, watching movies, union talk etc. He’ll be working casually 10 hours a week – in the sound section. Really happy for him – one of those landmarks in your life.

– House-wise, it’s with the builders, the plans are in for approval and our final, final quote should be here soon. Can’t think about renting yet as we don’t have a date- just know it will be soon.

– Latest purchase on ebay. I collect anodised aluminium. I have some goblets, and a few picnic cup sets & a great retro lamp, but I have always wanted these particular champagnes flutes. We plan to use them first in our new house… Kx

JMD first day of work

JMD first day of work

Groovy anodised aluminium champagne flutes

Groovy anodised aluminium champagne flutes

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