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A good friend Ms Paula- wanted to take some photos of the family before our dear little old asbestos house gets demolished – so here is a shot. Apparently it will take 12 seconds to demolish the house…Kx

OK- i’ve had an update on our reading list for bookgroup – so here goes. I do get people asking me what I am reading, so you may find this useful… Almost French, The bat tattoo, Beloved,  Brick lane, The brush-off,  Carry me down,  The catcher in the rye, The Corrections, The curious incident of the dog […]

I was asked to join my bookgroup almost five years ago. Apparently bookgroups are particularly popular in Canberra…is it the long, cold winter nights? I have to say that my bookgroup- which doesn’t really have a name- just ‘bookgroup’ – is just a most wonderful ‘thing’. who are we: on paper our vocations are –  English […]

I love Friday evenings. We’re all so busy during the week- and I try very hard not to do a whole lot on Friday evenings. It doesn’t always happen, but this is my favourite way to spend a Friday evening. Get home and have a pot of tea with Carl. Do the usual debrief and wind-down […]

one strawberry


this week – Saw a fun film Happy-Go-Lucky– Mike Leigh a British filmmaker normally writes and directs fairly depressing, if realistic, dark films. He has apparently done this film because he thinks everyone is too serious these days. Polly was happy, too happy for me really – but it was great just to laugh and not […]