The whole strawberry thing…


You may be wondering about the whole “strawberries of integrity” thing. In the 1980s I ate Homer Hudson Strawberries of Integrity icecream, and loved it, but I think I loved the name more.

Integrity- love that word -wholeness, completness.

This blog will aim at the whole – but it will inevitably be bits of me. Sometimes it’ll be me the work/librarian me and sometimes it’ll be the ‘demolishing and rebuilding the house’ me, sometimes it’ll be the parent me and sometimes it will just be another part of me. 

Another part of this is trying things out- this is the third blog I’ve started, but I haven’t blogged for over a year…(but I am going to keep this one happening…)


2 Responses to “The whole strawberry thing…”

  1. 1 Sue

    Congrats and best wishes. I am looking forward to hearing more.

  2. 2 zuzu

    Good on ya starting a blog. Mine started as simple way to track progress of house renovation for my overseas family but then took on life of own. Will be good to see what you write.

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